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The volumes had so much water damage that he assumed they were ruined.

He started to throw them away, but says something stopped him: respect for his father's memory, respect for his ancestors, a sense that it was valuable in spite of its condition.

After watching the impossibly racist “music” video “Asian Girlz” by the band Day Above Ground (aptly named since they must’ve been living under a rock), I think the awful truth is that some people just plain suck. In my neighborhood, they never asked me, “What’s your ethnicity? MY: I had white friends, and small sets of Asian and black friends. Back then, it’s like the stereotypes were kinda true. But my mom was always the one pushing me to study while my dad was the opposite.

But the other side of it is that interracial relations, especially dating, can be a complicated issue. Michael Yo: I grew up in Houston, Texas, in a predominantly white neighborhood. I was on the basketball team, which was mostly white kids, a couple of black kids and one Asian. You have an Asian mom and you weren’t locked in a dungeon to study? He was like, “School is not your thing.” My dad was very honest that way, and my mom hated to hear that. But now, when they say, “My son doctor, my son lawyer,” she says, “Oh yeah? Being on TV, how does that help your game with dating?

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