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En pleine discussion autour des conditions du Brexit, la Première ministre de la Grande-Bretagne doit aussi faire face à un autre petit problème.

Devenue virale en quelques jours, une vidéo circule dévoilant la prétendue face cachée de Theresa May.

Amazon Studios are the lucky lot who’ve been tasked with recreating J. Meanwhile, actor John Rhys Davies, who played feisty dwarf Gimli, has criticised Amazon for making a series so soon after Jackson’s original. Addressing the possibility of appearing in the follow-up to the blockbuster film franchise, while he admitted that he thinks it’s “great” that the streaming service is taking on the series, he doesn’t think he’ll be asked to appear in it. I haven’t had any conversations about that but I felt like I have done everything that…” he trailed off, before adding that while reappearing in Jackson’s made a lot of sense to him, he’s not so sure about coming back again.

Tolkien’s literary magic for the small screen, with the company signing a reported $250m rights contract in November 2017 with the author’s estate, publisher Harper Collins and New Line Cinema to produce a multi-season show for television. The characters are so beloved.” Orlando Bloom, who played Legolas, doesn’t think that he’ll be appearing in the forthcoming series.

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