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They had a reversal of fate in the second leg, finishing second. Three words to describe you: Competitive, stubborn to a degree, and loyal. Cedric & Shawn arrived in 8th place, but were given a 30 minute penalty as a result of Cedric unwittingly giving Shawn advice at the Roadblock.

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But everyone else tested their luck creating sandals.

Kristi and Jen finished the Detour in no time, and on their heels were Alex and Conor.

While sailing the tiny boat fit for children, the participating Racers had to gather two halves of their next clue hanging from distant buoys in the water.

Kristi decided to try this Roadblock on behalf of her team, and she was later joined by Alex, Cody, Evan, Trevor, Joey, Cedric, Lucas, and Daniel.

Eric and Daniel had some trouble driving their stick shift, and Lucas and Brittany got lost on their way to Saint-Tropez.

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