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Back to Writings Page Lacero Author’s note: This is a fanfic that takes place in the “Ready Player One” universe.If you haven’t read “Ready Player One” this story won’t make much sense. Not only was it crawling with gunters, there was no hint of the Tomb of Horrors anywhere.

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Reading an article on Medium I found this great activity for doing “Retrospectives” with teams that are blocked. The following paragraphs are extracted from: https://hackernoon.com/renovating-teams-3fd708cdac74 “In feedback dating, each member of the team, meets every other member for 10 minutes and keeps on moving.

In each encounter, the person gives feedback for 5 minutes and receives feedback for 5 minutes. After meeting everyone on the team, the person takes time to reflect on the notes.

Like Kirk, Scott, and Chekov, too The genesis is all for you Lacero laughed. Of course, should you find the Egg, all benefits from it become the property of IOI.”“Understood,” said Lacero. There was a lot of legalese, but it was clear that IOI would get all the GSS stock if he found the Egg, and they would also control any special abilities his avatar got as a result. So the winner of the Egg would have the power of life and death in OASIS. The winner of the Egg would have the power to destroy the entire OASIS. If he won, he would activate the self-destruct immediately. IOI could cry about it later, and they’d probably sue the pants off him. But it they wouldn’t be able to bring OASIS back.“I’m sure everything will be in order,” Lacero said, pressing his thumb to the contract to sign.“Great! “Oh, and we’re going to need to know your real name, for legal purposes.”“Sorrento,” he said.

Soy una mujer alegre y con buen humor, soy alta y delgada y me encanta bailar y viajar.

Hombres altos, con una sonrisa hermosa, alegres y bailadores, así como que les guste viajar y sean muy románticos y honestos.

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