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On the personal front, he has two siblings with whom he often spends his spare time. He likes to connect with his fans and admirers on social media platforms and is active on Twitter and Instagram.

It can be impossible to keep up with the many ins & outs of this particular, ever-expanding Love & Hip Hop Hollywood love triangle (and, given the new additions, it’s not even a triangle anymore! Fizz made things harder on himself (but much better for fans) with a recent interview in which he dropped some explicit details about his assorted forays.

😪☔️🕺🏾 #Lil Fizz, do guys not have the same “code” as us ladies do?!

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Omarion and Jennifer were the "it" teen couple of the 2000s.

The couple dated, made movies together, and Jennifer famously started in the video for the B2K hit song Girlfriend - where she played Omarion’s Girlfriend.

Of course, this all got started way back in LHHH Season 1, when Fizz’s girlfriend Amanda cheated on him with a mystery man known (at the time) as Mr. Following their breakup, Fizz and Moniece tried it on once more, for the sake of their son, only to have that attempt fall apart when Moniece became engaged to Rich Dollaz.

Then *that* fell apart, and Moniece and Fizz tried to keep things civil even though Fizz was technically dating Nikki Baby.

Which brings us to the first part of the current drama: namely, that when Fizz was recently asked to compare Moniece Slaughter and Nikki Baby in bed, he should have smiled, laughed, and said “Next question.” (Or just let Moniece answer for him.) Instead, though, he opened his mouth…

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