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Read Full Story(ABC)Welcome back to the TV Boyfriend Smackdown!

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Lindsay’s away this week (spring break, spring break forevaaaa..kidding) so this recap is a solo venture.

And there’s a lot to cover (as formal Hamptons events and new characters are apt to amp up the drama to the umpteenth degree) let’s hop right to it, hmm? Margaux’s father, Pascal Le Marchal, arrives on the scene and, um, he’s...pretty sexy. And aside from trying to force Conrad out of Voulez, as Margaux has...

Read Full Story(ABC)Last week we witnessed the beginning of The Fall of Emily Thorne, and this week, we’re seeing the beginning of The Redemption of Conrad Grayson.

Things are certainly getting topsy-turvy in the Revenge-y Hamptons. Lindsay: Remember “let’s drop my dress” Margaux from last week?

He is currently known for portraying Daniel Grayson on ABC's "Revenge." Check out more pics, news, and articles on Josh Bowman here.

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