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The next Season should focus on O-Gong's adventure in finding and rescuing Samjang from the Underworld and defeating many evil spirits/monsters/deities along the way. Yes, I cried when Jin Sun-Me died but was vindicated when Kang Dae-Sung was buried alive. How can they leave it ending w such an open ending w so many possibilities. But about half way, I really liked the storyline, the love between the two main characters and the funny relationship between Ma Wang and Son Oh Gong.

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Things got complicated when that lady entered and I didn’t like it. Also loved Ma Wang and son oh gong scenes, really hilarious and brotherly. This has definitely been one of the most interesting Korean Drama's. I would agree there are similarities to Goblin but we loved Goblin so much its no surprise they wanted to make something with a similar formula, I am not hating that idea.

(No spoilers but have clues) I snubbed this drama for a year. Although i don’t like the back and forth decision of the lead in regards to her feelings and back and forth thinking of the priestest. I didn't like this till about half way through and then I was hooked.

PLEASE MAKE SEASON 2 and make it happy ending hahaha. There things that were not explained thoroughly like how did Ohgong ended up in five elements mountain and also to mawang's wife. The ending was so disappointing cause I was expecting that sam jang is the very powerful but she just died in the end, I just dont get it. Please make another season, I really love this movie, please dear Director Park Hong-kyun, Kim Jung-hyun, Kim Byung-soo and Writer Hong Jung-eun, Hong Mi-ran, please we beg of you, we love this movie so muchh!

And it would better if Jin sunmi reborn and meet O gong again and the ending... They are so focus to the romantic side of this drama which was not very helpful. High production value, excellent casting, good chemistry, unnecessarily slow.

This show is stunning, well acted, directed, written... The show had success, why not consider another season? It feel like I'm riding an "emotional rollercoaster." SPOILER ALERT: I hope that they come up with Season 2. It was a tragic love affair but gave the right amount of intrigue to want a Season 2. Only watched it because it was the first appearqnce of Lee Seung Gi since his return.

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