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When Newman noticed this, he seized on it, complaining to the judge.Judge Naranjo, who had never seen Info Wars before the case landed in her courtroom, twice cautioned Jones that there would be “no bodily comments” during Newman’s opening statement.

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Exhibit A: Statements given by Jones’s lawyer, Randall Wilhite, in which he argued during a pre-trial hearing that Jones was “a performance artist” who is “playing a character” on Info Wars.

That comment directly contradicted Jones’s entire persona, which is built around authenticity.

Throughout the protracted opening statement, as Newman jabbed his finger in Jones’s direction, the host looked livid. But this was court, and it wasn’t Jones’s turn to speak.

As Newman described Jones’s ex-wife’s relationship to her children, Jones’s face turned an ever-deepening shade of crimson; his lips pursed into a tight frown and he shook his head.

Not, this time, over vaccinations or fluoride or the New World Order.

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