Websites that reveal scammers on dating sites dating mobile chat

by  |  20-Sep-2019 17:25

All singles, looking for their matches online, dream about true feelings, but it doesn’t mean that they are falling in love from the first sign.

These quick warm or even hot feelings usually identify relationship scams.

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He or she will promise to pay it back, but that will never happen.

Instead, the scammer will keep asking for more until you finally realize you’ve been had.

Reported losses totaled $143 million, the most for any type of consumer fraud.

The older the victim, the heavier the financial toll, according to the FTC — the median individual loss for people aged 70 and over was $10,000, compared to $2,600 for all victims.

Inform the administration of the site about the person you think is cheating you and ask them to check his personality information and verify IP address.

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