Ways of updating knowledge of products and technical services radiometric dating is based upon the scientific principle of

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This summary is not an extensive overview of the disclosure nor is it intended to identify key elements of the disclosure or to delineate the scope of the claims.The following summary merely presents some concepts of the disclosure in a general form as a prelude to the more detailed description that follows.

Although the present disclosure describes the adaptive service system 100 in relation to automotive services (e.g., repair services), it should be understood that methods, systems, and media of the present disclosure may have applicability to any adaptive service system which dynamically receives and processes data from multiple subsystems or data sources.

Further, references made herein to products or services may correlate specifically to vehicles or repair services, respectively.

The central dynamic data system is configured to integrate system knowledge with the original data to form integrated data, wherein the central dynamic data system is configured to dynamically update the product documentation and the knowledge base based on the integrated data.

A computer implemented method for dynamically updating product documentation and knowledge base is further disclosed, the method includes receiving original data from a data source, and integrating the knowledge base with the original data from the data source to form integrated data.

Alternatively, the aforementioned subsystems/processes may not be properly connected to objectives such as quality improvement, cost reduction, early issue identification, or the like.

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