Watch blind date dating show online

by  |  23-Nov-2019 01:49

As the saying goes, misery loves company, and if you’re not feeling the romance then you’ll be able to watch people go through the same thing on dating reality TV shows like Elimidate and Ex-treme Dating.

Just as the ultimate dating reality TV show Blind Date shows people hooking up, they also show the other side of the coin.

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For the ultimate bring-down of dating reality TV shows, there was Average Joe.

During its three editions of this highly entertaining show, the question was asked whether a person would choose between an average looking but awesome personality contestant or some hot and vacuous person.

Willis plays Walter Davis, a man obsessed with working constantly.

All he cares about is his job and he pays no attention to his personal life.

More often than not, the dates shown on Blind Dates are disastrous.

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