Wale and solange knowles dating Free sex chat no cams

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Wale has yet to release his debut record while the newly shaved head R&B songbird is working on her third album.

Wale and solange knowles dating

TMZ also reports that Solange and Beyonce left the hotel in one car while Jay Z left in a different vehicle.

Since the internet has been all abuzz about Solange Knowles being the inspiration behind Wale’s song “Lotus Flower Bomb” we figured we’d bring your attention to this recent interview Folarin did with Angela Yee’s “Lip Service” where he actually talks candidly about how much Solange touched his life. Watch below: Solange is a beautiful person, inside and out.

Solange took to her official Twitter page to clear up the photos: If your name is so long, or so hard to pronounce, that you either have some “Americanized” nickname, or you use your middle name (which is English). If you know of anyone (including yourself) that has any of the following names: Ola, Sade, Bola, Tunji, Ngozi, Uche, Folake, Ifeoma, Tolu, Tunde, Obi, Chioma, Chituru, Chinyere, Adaobi, Nkemi, Onyi, Nneka, Bunmi or Fatima If, names like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Patience, Peace, Blessing, God’s Will or Mercy sound pretty normal to you.

If, rice and stew just isn’t the same without plantain (dodo) If, you would prefer Moin Moin, or Farina (fufu) with soup over Mc Donalds any day.

If, you have ever treated a cold or sore throat with “Pe-pe Soup”.. If, your parents or relatives have ever disliked someone because of the simple fact that they were Black American.

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