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15-17 of my edition of the Pervigi Uum^ and I will only add here for the sake of completeness that Claude de Saimiaise believed, for reasons of style and diction, that the poem was written in the time of G. d/or t: 8 58 duoad /r sustinet ; T 81 tuus /or tutus.

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To the above list I may add that Danchet in his opera Ar^thuse appears to have translated into French verse the refrain of the Pervigilium ; that there are French translations by Pezay (? S 35 and T 35 inermis ; probably in armis is the correct reading.

S 23 and T 23 prius ; a proper nam Cf perhaps Paphies, is the correct reading.

The last supposition is highly improbable ; and, if we agree with ' G. Other palpable similarities with previous authors are, first, the imitation in lines 59-62 of Virgil's Chorgics ii. ; next, the close parallel of the whole poem with Ovid's Fasti iv. 13-15 of my edition of the Pervigiliimi ; and finally the resemblance between line 18 of the Pervigilium : — Ipsa gemmis purpurantem pingit annum floridis : and Appuleius, Met. Appuleius of Hadaura in Africa lived in the times of Antoninus ^ A somewhat similar theory has been advanced by L. : O Digitized by Google 50 PEEVIGILIUM VENERIS Pius and Marcus Aurelius (a.d. Letters wrongly inserted, m : 38 unam for una ; 65 quern (twice) for que ; 78 sin Q for sinu.

480-550; and it is evident that either he copied firom the author of the Pervigilium, or the latter from the former, or both from some third source. 476, it is clear that Fulgentius would be the imitator. 784) : — ' Plane tenui specula solabor clades ultimas, quod uer in ipso ortu iam gemmulis floridis cuncta depingeret et iam purpureo nitore prata uestiret et commodum dirrupto spineo tegmine spirantes cinnameos odores promicarent rosae, quae me priori meo Lucio redderent.' L.

You can search through the full text of this book on the web at |http : //books . com/ Digitized by Google C^3 Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google Digitized by Google ?

Veb live sexi irani

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