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Stylus Studio® X16 XML supports XML Schema based editing and validation using any XML Schema Processor (MSXML, Microsoft . Auto-generate XML Schemas easily using Stylus Studio® X16 XML's numerous conversion and XML Schema generation utilities.Easily map from XML defined by one XML Schema to that of another.

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Stylus Studio® X16 XML includes a visual XML Schema Editor that supports modular XML Schema component design, refactoring, and much more!

Publish your XML data model to make it available to other developers using the Stylus Studio® X16 XML XML Schema Documentation generator.

The XML is displayed in three different views: The included text editor is usefull for editing plain text files (shell scripts, ini and config files, etcetera).

Mac OS users can open and edit their plist files, even when they are in binary format.

XMLSpear is packaged with a MQSeries plugin for browing queues and putting messages, so you can even test your MQ based services.

Validating xml xsd tools

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