Validating xml using xsd in c who is derek hough of dancing with the stars dating

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I am trying to validate XML data aginst its schemas.

validating xml using xsd in c-45

And then you will need to use qualified names (i.e with a prefix) to refer to a type from the imported schema. Add(null, schema File); Any imports/includes will be done automatically.

As for your C# code, it would suffice to simply add the main schema with e.g. (Validate ok in XML Spy, not c#) I'm not sure how to get a relative import path to work without parsing the and modyfying the import line to give it the hardcoded path required at runtime.

Let's say I want to ensure each of the Player tags always follow the schema I want.

To do that, I typically start by creating an XSD file using an online tool.

Alway get the following error msg while validating: Error planetclasses.xml:5:2: cvc-elt.1: Cannot find the declaration of element 'planetclasses'.

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