Chat video sex torkey - Validating and non validating parser difference

by  |  10-Oct-2019 07:17

If you remove this bottleneck (as inside the Incredible XML Parser), you obtain a parser that is between 10 to 100 times faster (depending of the structure of the XML/JSON).This explains why the Incredible XML DOM parser is also the fastest DOM-Style parser currently available.

By default, the Incredible XML DOM parser creates a tree of ITCXMLNode.

Because of the "hot start" functionality, this tree will disappear at the next call to the DOM parser (because the Incredible DOM parser always re-uses the same memory space to store the tree to avoid any memory allocation).

This has several advantages: The Incredible XML&JSON Pull parsers are 100% "in-place" parsers.

This means that they do NOT copy strings: they only initializes different pointers to the memory buffer containing the XML/JSON data (There is however one inevitable memory copy when converting between different character encodings: for example when the Pull Parser is forced to convert the characters from "utf-16" to "utf-8").

The Incredible XML Parser is thus the only parser that allows you to very easily analyze very complex XML/JSON files (thanks to the easy-to-use DOM-style parser) of UNLIMITED size.

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