Updating to fedora 10

by  |  18-Nov-2019 11:29

Luckily I am a programmer and an experienced Linux user, and also luckily the Fedora 10 installer is also a rescue CD. Finally I got things "working", though because I had to remove so much stuff before my server is really only half working. Anyway, my conclusion is that Fedora 10's installer needs a lot of work.I've never had so much difficulty getting an OS installed. Some people don't like desktop icons, but when I've been using files on my desktop for 19 years, I get a little cranky when you take them away.

Adult dating stes - Updating to fedora 10

I carefully selected a D-Link card that is Linux compatible, and installed it. And when you run something like Fedora a new kernel means a new Fedora.

I'd previously told my friend not to install Fedora 10 because of the problems I'd had.

It's not where you'd expect; instead of being in the file manager settings, where it should be, it's in the mouse settings. but anyway it's here and my #3 annoyance with KDE 4.1 is gone.

So now my computer is fast again, my icons are back, and my clicks do what I want. but I've already found my notebook doesn't suspend properly when I close the lid. At least that's minor and can be easily worked around. Messed up upgrades, broken kernel updates, screwed up SELinux contexts....

Since I couldn't get the installer to work I decided to try using the package updater, yum, to do the upgrade.

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