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(Switched from bash to zsh around this time) Wouldsionally have issues after a reboot (UPS only had 30-45 mins of juice) and frequent outages with major storms.

(Then I learned about oh-my-zsh) Learned Linux came from Unix as a free alternative Settled on Free BSD-headless (For native ZFS) about two months ago and built a new NAS.

It's an OS worth knowing, especially if you work in a tech field, and the various BSDs are and have been used everywhere, it's just generally not as visible as Linux because the licensing is more permissive.

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This means more manual work for the admin, but fewer headaches in the long term.

Finally, I find it pretty easy and trouble-free updating Free BSD across versions.

If you were to boot Linux you'd get hardware initialized and then be stuck with a warm box slowly running up your electric bill, obviously that's not what you asked, but it's an important distinction.

Then if we go with the colloquial use of "Linux" to refer to any number of distros, we'd still be comparing apples and oranges, since I can talk to you about why I like Hardened BSD and Dragon Fly BSD, but that won't match why people like Open BSD, Net BSD, Free BSD, Trident, etc.

Also learned about fish and now installed on all devices, Mac, Ubuntu, Free BSD.

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