Updating 1980 s hair styles

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If your battle uniform is a bespoke suit, your superior officer might confuse ‘texture’ for ‘mess’.

So only copy this style if your workplace tends more towards neatly cut raw denim.

Think Daniel Craig or Ryan Gosling’s shorter styles.“In the 1950s and early 1960s, Ivy League universities had policies on how students should wear their hair,” explains Joe Pomper, a senior barber at Murdock in Covent Garden. “The back and sides must be scissored for extra texture and less noticeable contrast.” When styling, take a paste and a pomade and rub them together in your hands.

Updating 1980 s hair styles updating itunes library

Wear without a beard or any facial hair, like Alexander himself (he was famous for having the ancient world’s only clean-shaven army), or the overall look will appear untamed.

The noughties were a particularly regrettable decade in terms of men’s hair trends.

So take a lesson from these entries into the follicular hall of fame – the cuts that have somehow managed to transcend time and stay looking great – and maybe one day they’ll carve your ‘do in marble.

It’s not easy being in charge of the entire Macedonian empire.

It’s all about a visual balance, so you don’t end up with two haircuts in one,” adds Pearson.

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