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The 30-year-old star is a private person and never discusses his daring life in public.

I have few relationships since I became a singer and I have never introduced my girlfriend to even to my closest friends. P also further explained he likes a woman with good sense of humor, strong features and who is stylish, sexy, hardworking and nice to people around her. The actor and singer who began his military service in February 2017 was charged 10 months jail, suspended for two years.

shared juicy details about his love life, including how many girls he has dated and the kind of woman he’ll want to date. But when I drink, I turn off my phone.” Strangely, T. “When I date, I don’t want to get close to the other person.

P is by far the most reserved and private out of the five members and usually prefers not to talk about his love life in public, stating “I have few relationships since I became a singer, and I have never introduced my girlfriend even to my closest friends. When fans asked about the ideal age of the girl, he responded, “Not older than my mom and not a minor.

“When I was young, I did have some fantasy, such as long hair or an innocent girl, but now I want to find a friend who is like-minded,” he said.

Though the rapper has been romantically linked to actresses and fellow idols including Krystal Jung and Shin Min-A, he never confirmed any of his romance rumors. P hit the headlines last June after he was found guilty of smoking marijuana.

P stay with us because this article might give you a chance to date your favorite Rapper turned actor. In one of his interviews, he revealed about the kind of girl he is looking for to start a relationship. He also hasn't introduced anyone as his girlfriend till date.

And, when his fans asked further about his dislikes about a female, T. P said that he does not want a girlfriend who is too engaged and meddles in the business of others, further clarifying that he prefers someone with personality rather than style.

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