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Lou, however, still angry about Mac Lise’s defection, was adamant about punishing Angus and maintaining his loyalty to Moe.

Sitting at the end of the bed having this discussion about what was happening with the Chicago gig.

And I remember distinctly Lou turning to Angus and saying, ‘Just remember, this is only temporary.’ Like, ‘Don’t think you’re coming back into the group.’ In addition, for the Poor Richard’s shows, John Cale became the Velvets’ lead singer, also playing viola and keyboards.

But the family’s wealth allowed Gluck to live a life of luxury, to live the life of an artist, or as Picasso once almost poetically put it—.

Money was important but a more important factor in Gluck’s development as an artist were the women who became lovers.

One was Sybil Cookson, the journalist and writer who inspired Gluck’s paintings of horse races and boxing matches.

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