Tayor swift and dating Xxxdesi photo

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She loves the chill vibe and the ability to go to the grocery store without paparazzi all over her.

Taylor Swift, despite her trendsetting looks, still seems like the most approachable Girl Next Door.

She is the coolest, hippest mover and shaker on stage.

Known for her big-hearted loyalty to her mom and a pack of faithful girl pals, she has garnered massive support through fearlessly sharing her romantic ups and downs through music.

Despite her down-home qualities, she is a veritable fountain of blockbuster talent, a multiple Grammy-winning megastar whose estimated net worth smashes the 2016 Forbes Celebrity 100 List with earnings of an estimated $170 million.

Other features include a pool, tennis court, and a spacious guest house. The Rhode Island mansion, built in 1930, is packed full of fancy features, including 8 fireplaces, hardwood floors throughout, and a swimming pool, all while sitting on 5-acres of oceanfront property. See the lavishness & more photos here: Taylor Swift’s House Rhode Island Taylor rented this West Village carriage house for quite some time while her Tribeca penthouse was being renovated. She paid a reported $40,000/month for the 5,400 square foot abode.

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