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He hopes those who sign up for The Supernatural Dating Society will finally be able to not "feel embarrassed or humiliated or like they're a kook" when meeting someone new.As a person very interested in all of the phenomena this dating site covers, I am thrilled that there's a place to conjure up some love interests that won't run for the hills if you mention that you carry a gris-gris in your purse, own a plethora of oils with spiritual intentions, and don't take chalk circles lightly. As a bonus, the Fox Mulder type is able to move successfully through the "straight" world while keeping his convictions about conspiracy theories and the supernatural intact.

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You and I are gonna have a talk later." You didn't notice his phone and stared him directly in the eyes. "But I'm afraid you would have turned me down. I mean who could turn you down with your adorable puppy eyes? His arms wrapped tightly round your waist while your arms went around his neck. How about we go to the park tomorrow for some ice cream? "And that's what happens when you ask Dean for dating advice." Sam ended it, sent it to himself and set it back on the table. "You got yourself into this mess, now you have to get out of it." Sam snickered and left the room.

"Cas if you wanted to ask me out, you would've just told me." Your (E/C) eyes softened as they looked at Cas's azure ones. "Good night, (Y/N)." Cas kissed you on the forehead and flashed away. Sam grabbed the fallen phone off the floor at turned it around. " Dean yelled, your hands around his ankle puling him away from Sam.

As his interests in unexplained phenomena would suggest, however, one day, he'll probably ghost you, too.

Whether he has a personal experience with abduction or just grew up watching a lot of Alien or Species, this guy can be a little bit paranoid.

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