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Both contain not only the same rare blood type but also pollen of a kind found only in ancient Israel.

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The substance is undetermined — all man-made materials have been ruled out — and only rests on top of the cloth; it does not penetrate the cloth’s linen fibers.

The third mystery is related to the second: Blood from the crucified man penetrated the cloth, as one would expect, but also preceded the impression of the man’s image.

Another important matter is that the cadaver that was wrapped by both the Sudarium and the Shroud suffered death by crucifixion, but was afforded a Jewish burial.

This is highly unusual because most crucifixion victims were left on the cross for days and the bones were later deposited in common graves.

The only evidence that would conclusively authenticate the Shroud against naysayers and claims of forgery is Jesus’ DNA. The Sudarium is a piece of linen cloth, 34 by 21 inches, thought to have been used to cover the head of Jesus immediately after the crucifixion (John 20:7).

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