Shrek movie dialogue dating game princesses

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” and ), since as Coates (2004: 90) suggests: “for women, irony, rhetorical questions, and negative assertions used to convey the opposite (positive) assertion, are characteristic usages.” As an untypical princess, Fiona represents a new female heroine who tries to reproduce “a sense of individual dignity and an urge for self-realisation” (Mei 1990: 25).

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Cultural studies have demonstrated that stereotyping is a fundamental mechanism of perception and categorisation, without which orientationand survival in a complex society such as ours would be virtually impossible (Rieger 2006: 279).

Stereotypes reflect the way in which we perceive each other, especially individuals outside our group.

Issues relating to gender will be discussed in the following section.

Over the past twenty years, much research in translation studies has been concerned with the study of translation as a place of reproduction and/or split from hegemonic representations of gender in Western cultures (Kamensky 1996, Simon 1996 or Holmes and Meyerhoff 2008).

As an analytic category of ‘reality,’ gender is a concept that refers not to difference but to the processes of differentiation that between the sexes (Sánchez 2007: 172).

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