Self consolidating concrete form pressure

by  |  02-Oct-2019 18:11

This guidance generally limits contractors to short walls or extremely strong formwork.

To investigate the need for special formwork design considerations when using SCC, a series of eight wall specimens were cast, and the resulting form pressures were monitored.

ACI 347R) do not specifically address SCC, but recommend that unless a method based on appropriate experimental data is available, formwork should be designed to withstand the full hydrostatic head of fluid concrete.

The bottom sensor reached a maximum pressure of 7 psi with where as hydrostatic pressure would have been 20 psi.

Additionally, the highest pressure was reached long before the pour was finished.

Further study is necessary so that equations can be developed to reliably predict formwork pressures for a range of casting rates, and to calculate allowable casting rates based on formwork strength.

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