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The most definitive answer would be to call Ruger CS and ask.They may tell you over the phone or they may want the request in writing. BTW the Ruger website does not show any official recall on the SR1911.

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The rifle was designed to appeal to the traditional sportsman who appreciated and understood the challenge — as well as the advantages and disadvantages — of having one shot. This Ruger model should always be referred to in print as “No. 1’ The design is not merely a replica of the Farquharson, but it’s a modern take on the action. 1 series celebrating the centennial of the Lyman Products Company, a manufacturer of reloading tools and other equipment for shooters, was manufactured in 1978. Chambered in .204 Ruger or .22-250 Remington only with a 24-inch bull barrel.

In the 1967 edition of the “The man with a single shot rifle, stalking his game skillfully, thoughtfully calculating his range, not just shooting at his quarry but selecting the most effective shot to place that bullet, then carefully aiming and making that one shot count — that man surely is more of a hunter than is the fellow having half a dozen shots available in his repeater.”Originally, the rifle was going to be named the Victorian, due to its 19th century styling, but not long after it went into production, the name was changed. The falling block is operated with a lever located just behind the trigger guard. The Grade 1 rifle, of which only 101 were made, is hand engraved with gold accents and a high-grade walnut stock. 1 Stainless Series In production from 2000 to 2010, the stainless series was offered in four variations and in many calibers.

For example, if you are looking up a pistol's production date, select the "Show All" link next to the "Pistol" category.

Locate your specific firearm's model number in the drop-down list that appears and click on the appropriate link.

These variants were later known as the Light Sporter, Medium Sporter and Tropical Rifle. This model was limited to the following calibers: .243 Win., .257 Roberts (2014 only), .270 Win., 7×57 Mauser, .30-06 and .300 RCM. This model was chambered in these cartridges: .218 Bee, 7mm Remington Magnum, .300 Win.

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