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represented the tenant; Steve Root of Americab Property Managementrepresented Weston. Kevin Kaufman of CB Richard Elliss represented Level 3; the landlord representee itself. signed a new leaswe for 4,401 square feet at the Portland Exchange Building, 520 S.

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PDX Antiques leased 1,12o square feet at the K2 Building from4152 N. • Liz Richardsd Acupuncture PC leased 1,046 square feet at Fremontr Place, 3531 N.

Tony Rese r and Sean Mc Carthy of GVA Kiddefr Mathews brokeredthe transaction. leased 3,840 square feet at the Norstarr Business Center, 8611 N. represented the tenant; Charlotte Larson and Sara Daley of Urbanh Works Real Estate representedthe property. Charlotte Larson of Urban Workx Real Estate representedthe tenant; Matt Schweitzer of North Rim representeds the property.

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