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While finding that special someone to share your life with has many benefits, it’s also a big responsibility.Below are four questions to help you decide whether it’s time to write dating into this chapter of your life.You’re taking up new activities, hobbies and friends.

Learning to trust your instinct can be a lifelong process, but it is of particular concern in earlier recovery.

Learning to pay attention to internal alarms, as well as how to deal with them and make good decisions which will protect our best interests is key to a healthy foundation.

Are you strong enough to decide when the relationship is no longer worth the threat to your overall happiness and well-being? Even if the relationship is absolutely wonderful, are you strong enough to endure a break up if things don’t work out? If you answer yes to these questions or others like them, you might want to look a little more deeply at your motives for seeking out another person.

If you feel like any of this might jeopardize your recovery, you might want to hold off until you’re feeling a little more confident in your strength and independence. Love can be a powerful distraction and infatuation perhaps an even stronger one.

So you’ve begun to get the cravings under control and are starting to rebuild your life.

Recovery dating services

Our aim is to help them meet men and women with whom they will be truly compatible.…
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