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The results are in: Online dating is still racially segregated. Fear of rejection, rather than racial bias, is the main reason that many Ok Cupid users still stick to approaching people of their own race.Last week, UC San Diego sociologist Kevin Lewis released a study that examined 126,000 interactions on Ok Cupid over 2.5 months, and the statistics show that the vast majority of Ok Cupid users rarely interact with users of another racial group (with Asian women being the huge exception). And if Person A is approached by Person B, who is a of a different racial group, Person A is more likely to later on approach someone of Person B's racial group.

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And those are damn good metrics with 4 million users.

You put what race you identify and then they track your interests. In his book, he didn’t just use @okcupid’s data set. If you didn’t know 40% of Americans use online dating. pic.twitter.com/5n3Zr Dh Iu B Also—that’s why the wave of black/differentiated dating apps were necessary. See: @meld_app @soulswipeapp @Black People Meet Also—this wave isn’t new.

But that's nothing compared to Bim Adewunmi's account over at , which was quite the awful experience with online dating:"In no particular order, I've had someone ask me why my profile picture doesn't show all of my face, before helpfully suggesting it was because I was an 'ugly black girl.' More than one person has asked me if it's true 'What they say about black girls.' Several have asked me: 'So where do you really come from?

' And these were just the straight-up, old-school racist ones."If Bim Adewunmi had been a statistic in the Ok Cupid study, the results would've merely shown that men of other races were contacting her — not exactly a win for progress.

Even so, their numbers generally do match what one New York dating service (whose name escapes me) found: that black men avoid dating black women and that American women avoid Asian men, particularly Asian Indian men.

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