Ploy dome dating

by  |  06-Dec-2019 20:47

I’m not sure if you can relate, but I personally have always worried about the fact that in the pictures I may look somewhat better than in real life. On my Tinder profile, I intentionally put a minor photo of myself without makeup and even a hint of a smile, so the men would know exactly who they were dealing with in advance.

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Now dreary bald spots are left in its place, which of course is not so suitable for self-presentation.

Well finally, the most, in my opinion, insidious lie that you can make on Tinder is to put the notorious phrase, “open-minded,” in your profile description.

For women to hide their true age is even a kind of honorable tradition…

Like I said, sometimes the explanation of a lie can sound so logical and definitive that its author can hold more weight in your eyes. I think we have all been in a situation, where after a heated chat with a hot macho or a sultry chick, we find someone we weren’t expecting when we meet them offline.

We all know the male super-ability to suck in the tummy and look slim while posing topless…

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