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To just about anyone, Philos would be easily recognizable in a word like Philosophy, which translates to ‘love of wisdom’.Ian Fleming is known as the creator of James Bond, the MI6 secret agent that is tasked with saving the world on most occasions.Regarding his educational background, Pip studied at the Bloxham School in Oxfordshire in his early days.

Both biopics focus on this part of the man’s life, which should come as no surprise seeing as it was a monumental part of his life.

It is worth noting that Pip Torrens does not play the same character in are some of the movies Pip Torrens has starred in.

Here we will delve into facts you hitherto knew about him. Pip Torrens’ full name is Philip Dean Torrens, he was born on the 2 of June, 1960. Growing up, he attended Bloxham School in Oxfordshire, London and then studied English Literature at Trinity College, Cambridge.

After graduating from Trinity, Torrens went on to study at Drama Studio London in 1982, his stay there lasted for a year., Pip Torrens played the Netherfield Butler.

Philippos roughly translates to ‘Lover of Horses.’ The name is a combination of two separate parts; the first part being Philos and the second part Hippos.

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