Petite woman dating in pittsburgh

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Of course, it wasn’t lost on me that the girls I’m referring to in these situations were practically all black, like me.Read More Tiara Tabb wrote this poem as an original expression of how she views herself and her interactions with others.It’s heartbreaking enough to see a child looking around to see no relatives around.

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But without the bad experiences, I would not know just how good I have it now.

I’m lucky to have the parts of family I am still extremely close to because not many people have that. It’s possible that I could be a completely different person without their influence.

Black girls in the Pittsburgh region share an identity and, for many, it means they are exposed to systemic inequities. This is our region through the eyes of black girls.

But each girl’s identity rises above the common denominator. The motivation behind this project: We hear about girls and women bumping into the glass ceiling. Then, let’s throw in that you are a minor; adults think you don’t know any better.

She sees this as a challenge in her personal relationships and in how people view her.

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