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With a bit of patience a little miracle awaits at the end of the rainbow" "I was successful in my first attempt to get pregnant".

"We found a very kind and helpful donor within a week of searching". I met a great match and we are expecting our first child this summer".

"I am so pleased I am about to become a dad for the first time.

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Parent dating web

There are thousands of members, each with a detailed profile, and the site allows you to take an in-depth personality quiz, helping to match you to other members.

Sister websites for Ireland, South Africa and Australia are also available, but this site is really just for...

Whilst its features are very similar to a number of other websites in this category, it is cheaper than several of those sites.

As you’ll see if you’ve read a few of our reviews in this category, a few of... It provides tools to locate people who fit your preferences, as well as communication features to help you to talk.

Dating For Parents feels like many other decent dating websites.

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