Online dating glossary

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The main provisions of IMBRA place limits on number of "K" visa petitions a man may file for his potential bride in a certain time period, and also (most importantly) require that a man discloses all his past criminal history, visa petition history, past marital and divorce history, ages of children under age 18 to the lady BEFORE he can get her contact information or otherwise communicate with her.

The agency must collect this information, then check the National Sex Offender public registry and state public registry for each man, provide all this information to the lady, and secure a signed and written consent from the lady to release her contact information to that particular man.

Spam SPAM is unsolicited email sent to multiple recepients without their consent.

Ever been drilled about kids and marriage on the first date? It's like an interview but even worse (if your date took notes that might have been another sign). It's that big awkward chat where two (or more? When the effort in a relationship is one-sided, that is firedooring (because fire escapes only open from one side, duh). Ghosting is when someone cuts contact with a person they're seeing on all channels without warning.

For example, a romantic interest may never reply to your texts, but you'll hear from them when they want something. Basically, it's a coward's way of ending a relationship.

The woman is provided with the results of IMBRA clearance (explained above) for that man before she signs the release.

SIM card SIM card (sometimes called a smart chip in the US) is a little yellow chip that goes inside a GSM phone.

Every email provider or Internet service provider employs some sort of spam filters to block a lot of spam from entering your inbox.

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