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The service is completely free, you could check the profiles of anyone on the network and start conversations with them.That grants the passive benefit of attracting new people on a daily basis, keeping the community with a flow of new faces which further improves your chances of finding the perfect match for yourself.The service has a simplified but beautiful design which caters to the needs of its users.

The registration process is fairly easy, however, you need to acquire approval in order to gain access.

While that might pose some certain amount of nuisance, it means that the audience on the website goes through a check, so that other users wont experience unwanted situations. The service actually has a requirement of every new person to be over the age of 50, otherwise, they would not be granted access.

They promise between three to seven matches per day, granting you the ability to connect with a good amount of people on a daily basis with different backgrounds and interest.

The audience mainly consists of well-educated people.

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