Nick simmons dating rose Scottish chat dating sites

by  |  04-Nov-2019 18:48

Coincidentally, Nick Simmons also happens to be the son of Gene Simmons.

Leave it to Amber to try to leverage her connections even when it comes to her hookups and boyfriends.

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Our spies at Playhouse in Hollywood caught Amber and Nick grinding it out … Welllll Nick is addressing the rumor directly and confirming whether or not he and Wiz Khalifa’s soon-to-be ex are getting it popping.

Nick is currently perplexed as to why people would think they’re dating… He also added in this tidbit about the media’s treatment of Muva Rose…

“Apparently dancing in a club helping some1 to their car = dating. After Amber responded with a tweet saying: “Lol It just comes with this life kiddo.” Nick later added: “@Da Real Amber Rose the part I can’t stand?

These people down here making judgment calls about you, never having met you.

It’s also possible that Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa were mutually cheating on each other, which also wouldn’t be a huge shocker.

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