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It’s not going to be as shocking to people as you think.”“Think about what you would want to know from someone in the same situation, and go from there.

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According to the article "Love and Romance" on Teens Health -- a website sponsored by the nonprofit and pediatrician-led Nemours Center for Children's Health Media -- a romantic relationship consists of three elements: attraction, closeness and commitment.

Showing affection is a key part of building closeness.

Bumble BFFs can filter for drinking, smoking, exercise and pets, too, as well as type of friendship, relationship status, whether they have kids or if they’re new to the area.

And Bumble Bizz users can filter by industry, networking relationship type, education and years of experience.

A dating app user may want to filter out those who are only looking for casual situations, while a business user may want to filter matches based on whether they’re looking for a job, mentor or collaborator, Bumble explains.

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