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Carrot Dating is the “world’s first bribe-for-a-date app,” although the world would be a better place without it. The MIT alum has been widely criticized for building sites that enable rich men to pay for dates (i.e., sex) with attractive women.

With the app, people can “motivate” other people to go on dates with them by offering a bribe, or “dangling the carrot.” The pitch e-mail from the PR person reads, “It’s a concept so simple that even animals understand — give a dog a bone, and it will obey. While this may not technically be prostitution, it is incrementally different from professional escort services and, in my opinion, disgusting, sexist behavior.

All this said, not everyone is thrilled with the sweet nerds they meet online.

Take, for example, writer Alyssa Bereznak who wrote the Gizmodo essay, “My Brief OKCupid Affair with a World Champion Magic: The Gathering Player.” After two dates, she broke things off with him, concluding, “Maybe I’m shallow for not being able to see past Jon’s world title. But there’s a larger point here: that judging people on shallow stuff is human nature; one person’s Magic is another person’s fingernail biting.” What has your experience been with online dating?

And this time its not just Taylor Swift wearing glasses pretending to be a nerd!! is reporting that Chris Evans is dating funny girl Jenny Slate.

The couple have also confirmed that are indeed doing the dirty.

He’s a giant man with huge muscles and he’s Captain America.

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