Mormon dating outside religion

by  |  19-Oct-2019 11:45

Here are seven reasons Riley gives for the low rates of interfaith marriages among Mormons.

Mormons, by contrast, exude a “calm and quiet confidence that there are important truths to be found in the LDS faith” and that “their community is one that people should want to join.” This to me is the most surprising reason for the low rates of part-Mormon marriages.

Frankly, a whole lot of Americans flat-out don’t like us, or at least don’t know much about us.

Marriage ages for Mormons, while creeping up slightly, are still well below the national average.

Since people who marry later in life are significantly more likely to marry someone of another religion or no religion, the Mormon prohibition of premarital sex—and the lower marriage ages that tend to result from it—have protected Mormonism against interfaith marriage. Mormons, Riley says, are expected to have high levels of religious commitment, which may be offputting to prospective non-Mormon spouses (though this theory undermines the book’s overall argument that most young interfaith couples blithely assume early on that love will conquer all and don’t plan in advance for possible areas of conflict).

This tells me something – not that my own marriage or life is so interesting, but that the Church is providing very little in the way of resources for anyone thinking of marrying outside its ranks. In America more generally, about 1 in 3 marriages is now interfaith; for Mormons it’s only about 1 in 9.

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