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It goes back to the audition, the first audition that I had, the chemistry read that I had with Keri where she was told by Gavin O’Connor, the director, to slap me in the scene, completely unbeknownst to me, and did incredibly hard, and has consequently continued to do so in two seasons now. She likes to do it at inopportune moments, or when she thinks I’m least expecting it.

Sienna is so fun loving, a real free spirit, which comes from not really caring what other people think. The two men played brothers on the show, and according to E Online’s report at the time, they were no longer on speaking terms.

His older sister Rachel, now a BBC broadcast journalist, also attended.

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I’m firmly in the middle of my love affair with this city and am continually acting out cliched moments of all the things I’ve seen in films.

I grew up in the pretty sh*tty city of Cardiff, South Wales.

It’s the capital of Wales (UK) and great place to grow up.

However, I soon bolted at the age of 18 to London to study at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Matthew was born and rasied in Cardiff, Wales and is the son of Glyn, a headmaster, and Helen Evans, a teacher.

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