Lose it dating

by  |  10-Nov-2019 11:01

More than one dater recycles jokes across multiple encounters, robotlike.(Most amusing/egregious is Leonard, an otherwise charming 70-year-old whose overlong bit about dissecting frogs so annoys one dining partner that she gives him a simpler joke to use in the future.) Daters casually offer that they know of a post-dinner place around the corner—a cocktail bar, a dessert truck—and steer the date there again and again.

Some daters immediately click, and it’s as satisfying as when an i Phone purrs upon being plugged in.

Some cock their heads and stammer for comprehension, Captain Picard-and-the-Tamarians style.

An elegantly shot entry in a mayhem-filled TV tradition, it might lead watchers of a certain age to yelp “Next! Yet it also extends a headier pop-culture fascination: the suspicion that we live in a simulation.

If Dating Around has an eerie tinge of Black Mirror or or Russian Doll, so too does modern dating.

If Dating Around renders dating a role-playing game, though, it’s one saved by the role players.

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