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While there are many great options for meeting older women out in public, one of the most tried and true ways to score that Korean hottie is online dating, and you can do no better than Cougar Life which you can try for and we have not found a better option lately.

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“That’s why someone from Korea who just wants to be a housewife doesn’t work here.” - Robert Kim*, a 30-year-old commercial banker at an undisclosed firm, is a typical client of the agency: a white-collar worker whose annual income exceeds $150,000. She says she came around to using the service when she realized she didn’t know whether she would actually succeed in finding someone to marry.

“It’s for people who are serious about marriage,” he says. So I know that girls who join aren’t just there to mess around. “Because this is a place people come to get married,” Lee says. If you go out into the dating scene, where do you go to find quality people? Tell me what your parents do.’ Those things are all given in a profile.” He started dating Grace Shin*, a graduate student studying in L. Shin, 30, said she resisted going to a marriage agency and was dragged to the office by her mother. “Sometimes you really don’t know what to expect from someone,” Shin says.

While you may not be able to find a Korean grocery store in specific, Asian and Oriental markets aren’t terribly hard to come by and are generally a solid place to start.

Because they cater specifically to Asian shoppers, these kinds of grocery stores will have a lot of Korean patrons, many of whom will be cougars.

Again, anytime you can engage with Korean culture, you’re bound to find a large number of older Korean women.

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