Kobe bryant tyra banks dating

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by Stacy black women are beautiful,but have a low self-esteem because they are brain washed:ie} they are the only race that wear weaves,because they want 2 fit in with the other strait or course hair races, not realizing that they are already superior.:ie} black women at 40 that take care of themselves look 20x better than any other race that takes good care of themselves at 40.Black men only date or marry other races because they want 2 try something new!by Guest on Thu AM CST Vanessa Bryant Is Average Vanessa Bryant got weave.

me myself,i would date outside my race ,but won't marry. because in America the image of beauty is a white woman, that is all you see on the bill boards, adds, etc.

by zeezy northphilly I am disappointed First of all let me point out why black men do not date black women often in America, because they are white washed, and all you see on the TV. so they have been brain washed to believe that if they are with a non black woman they have accomplished something grand, which that is so far from the truth, all women are beautiful and bring something of importance to the world and to a man.

u are the one who is ugly, and I bet you look old too by the time you are 30.

Black women look like Imani and Beverly Johnson when they are over 50.

Give me Selita Ebanks, Liya Kebede or the young Tyra Banks anyday over this chick. Even if a black woman has a weave it doesn't mean her hair is short.

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