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If you are unsure if your edit is appropriate, discuss it here on this talk page first. Currently the lead says that "Arab citizens of Israel or Arab Israelis are Israeli citizens whose primary language or linguistic heritage is Arabic". The intention of the article is clearly to refer to Israeli citizens who are ethnically Arab (Bedouin, Fellahin, Madani classes, Druze Arabs and the Christian Arab minority); this definition certainly excludes Aramean and Assyrian Christians and Jews whose cultural heritage is Arabic by language.

This is quite notable because about 11,000 Arabic-speaking Christians are not Arabs and nearly a million Arabic-speaking Jews are not Arabs as well by mainstream views and self-identification.

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Can we agree that the first line should say either "are culturally Arab" (note the piped link) or maybe "identify with the Arab identity". Jyg (talk) , 19 December 2018 (UTC) It was part of the coalition, but it wasn't in the government (no ministers).

This is contradicted by referenced material within the Cooperation and Brotherhood page which states: Cooperation and Brotherhood was "part of all three coalition governments during the fifth Knesset", among other instances. Raleb Majadele was in the government, but was in Labor.

The Palestinians are a group that have been Arabized, i.e.

they have culturally and linguistically adopted an Arab identity, much like the Egyptians, but they are not ethnic Arabs, again, much like the Egyptians. Sources are: As far as the "there are Arab citizens of Israel that reject the Palestinian label" there are likewise Palestinian citizens of Israel that reject the "Arab" label, or if we are being more honest about the poll results, prefer Palestinian over any other option.

The article Arab citizens of Israel, along with other articles relating to the Arab–Israeli conflict, is currently subject to active arbitration remedies resulting from three arbitration cases (see WP: A/I/PIA).

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