Is joe mauer dating anyone

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And all is well on the home front, too: The Dallas native married high school sweetheart Ellen in 2010, and at that point, they had already been together for seven years—which means their love blossomed right around ninth grade. Well, if you're Mario Manningham, you register one of the most famous catches in the history of the NFL, win the Super Bowl, sign a lucrative deal with another team that will soon be headed to the Super Bowl, and then you get engaged to your high school sweetheart. As those of us who, at some point, have stalked Tyler Seguin on Twitter know, the Bruins' Gregory Campbell got married in the summer of 2012 to his high school sweetheart, Katie.

The lavish affair took place at the Trump Tower in Toronto, Ontario.

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Sometime right in the middle of his major league career, he married Jana Mc Kissick.

The two tied the knot in 1997, and they still live in Montoursville, Pa., where they first met as kids. It should come as no surprise to anyone that he married his high school girlfriend.

Plenty of people in the baseball universe—whether they're fans of Mc Carthy or not—are aware of his wife Amanda's presence.

She certainly makes herself known on Twitter and to the press, which is actually fine because she's pretty hilarious. He may not be in baseball anymore, but when he was, life was so good.

He kind of deserves it; he's a three-time All-Star and widely regarded as one of the best point guards in basketball.

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