Is hamish blake dating megan gale

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Even more so when these celebrities seemingly have… In fact, they have something many would view as an obstacle in forging a friendship: an ex in common.

Yes – it’s no secret remaining friends with an ex is not a feat all of us can conquer.

Now – eight years on from their split – both have found happiness in new relationships – Megan with AFL star Shaun Hampson, with whom she shares two children, and Andy with Rebecca Harding, who appear to be utterly smitten with each other.

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Although the times were difficult for Andy's family, it truly helped build a strong relationship and trust among them.

As of now, his mother is still alive while the family bond between Andy, his sister Alex, and brother Cam are still intact and stronger than ever.

Their date came unexpectedly to Andy as he had first met Lily for official purpose regarding the promotion of her tour at Australia.

But, after Lily invited him for a drink, their meeting took a romantic turn.

It always does happen, it's just always far later than I hoped."And I don't get too worried about the age factor either because I think women of my generation are having children a lot later.

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