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by  |  20-Nov-2019 18:33

Jaime Lannister’s appearance has gone through a multitude of changes on the show, with his hair getting cut shorter, and him sporting a beard for a while as well.

In real life, it looks like Coster-Waldau prefers to have a mishmash of his looks from the show, typically sporting shorter hair and some amount of stubble.

It’s a shock what difference a few beauty products can make.

It’s usually preferable for an actor or actress to naturally resemble their character as much as possible before being chosen for a role, but in lieu of Rory Mc Cann having a genuinely melted face, we can make an exception for this one.

Sure, the make up for Sandor Clegane’s half burned face doesn’t always look totally convincing, but it’s the best that can be done, barring finding a great actor who just happens to already have had a bad accident in their life.

Coster-Waldau clearly doesn’t have to deal with Jaime’s struggle of learning to adapt to using one hand, which was basically the start of a transformative period for one of the few kind Lannisters.

It’ll quickly become apparent that a common theme on this list is the characters tend to look more run-down than the actors, and that’s certainly true for Coster-Waldau.

And it certainly makes Rory looks like a more approachable person than the typically gruff personality of the Hound.

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