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by  |  21-Sep-2019 05:57

As intelligent women, most of us have experienced some or all of these dating situations, most likely more than once: We make guys feel like we can see right through them. We’re not easily impressed when a guy shows off or tries to overplay his life achievements.

Without even saying it out loud to him, he gets the message that we’re not buying any of it.

We have ambitions and dream big, which is a dealbreaker for some men. We’ll never be truly happy being housewives or stay-at-home moms with nothing else going on in our lives.

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We need to know that we can have an intelligent conversation with him from time to time and that he actually gets what we’re talking about. A guy that neglects our emotional needs, talks in a demeaning way about women, or refuses to open up will never be relationship material for us.

We need someone with emotional intelligence, and this scares off guys who aren’t good with expressing their feelings.

We need a guy who can use his brain, not just a hot body for sex.

He might be sexy and great in bed, but at the end of the day, this will never be enough to make things work between us.

Even though guys might admire those same qualities in us, it can also intimidate many of them at times.

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