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• Addressing Now York members of the Anti-Defamation League (an off-shoot of American B’nai B’rith) after hm weekly general audience, tho p °pe reiterated the Second Vatican Council’s call for "mutual understanding and respect which are the fruit above all of Biblical and theological studies and broth- dialogue;" _ • Stressing his own Concern at all foiins of discrimination on grounds of race, origin, colour, culture and so* he Invoked, God’s blessing,bn the efforts, of: thd league for crest wiff.

Jft WISH CHRONICLE June 4 1071 And still the Soviet trials continue - Jewish Chronicle Foreign Stall Two more trials o C Jews who have applied for exit visas for Israel will lake place in the Soviet Union later this month, accord¬ ing to Jewish sources 111 Russia. ANN MASSEY, BLAG by DAVID HARE “Scandaloualy funny* ■—s.

On June 15, Mrs Raiza Palatnik will go on trial In Odessa and the following week, on June 21, nine young Jews arrested last summer will face a court in Kishinev.

From oar Correspondent Jerusalem Reports Hint Syria lias agreed to the stationing of 25 Egyptian combat aircraft on her territory cannot be confirmed in Israel.

However, tluro Is no doubt that Egypt would welcome this.

Tiie court whs told that Swl- derski volunteered for the Russian auxiliary forces serving with the Nuzis; soon after ho. Ho was appointed head of an auxiliary unit at Treblinka guard¬ ing Jewish prisoners and was nick¬ named “The Hnminer" for his 1 bru¬ tality. Reliable sources report that , legal proceedings have been start¬ ed against a group of young Jews in Sverdlovsk, in the Urals, which hns a Jewish population of 40,000.

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